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Frequently Asked Questions... 

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1. Will I lose weight with Find Body Freedom?

Maybe. Possibly. When we eat primarily from true body hunger and we're eating foods that fuel our bodies, and we move them regularly, more than likely we'll lose weight. But Find Body Freedom does not promise weight loss.


2. What's the difference between Find Body Freedom and a diet?

With any diet there is an external expert, the one who created the diet. And there are external restrictive guidelines. With Find Body Freedom you become the expert on how to feed your body, as you recognize your hunger signals and foods that give you energy.


3. What is intuitive eating?

Intuitive eating is a research based philosophy that says we are born knowing how to eat. Look at a baby as she communicates her hunger to her mother. She cries, balls up her fists, and her face becomes red. And then mom feeds her and you can see how nutrients soothe her agitation. And when she's had enough, she turns her head, or pushes away the bottle or the breast. In other words, your body, like the body of this baby, knows, when to eat, what to eat, how much to eat, and when to stop!


4. How long will I be on Find Body Freedom?

Hopefully, you will follow Find Body Freedom principles for life. I'm now into my fourth decade!


5. How do I get out of the mindset of good foods/ bad foods?

It was helpful to me - and to many others - to change the language. "Good foods" becomes "fuel foods" and "bad foods" become "recreational foods". I think you would agree that in the course of a day, we work more than we play. We need fuel to work and we can "play" with small amounts of high fat/ high sugar foods. Make sense?


6. Are there any food restrictions with Find Body Freedom?

Your body will tell you! For example, I can't eat high fat or high sugar foods when I'm hungry. With the former I become logy and irritable. With the later I get stomach cramps. Your body will guide you. Some people have gluten issues, some are lactose intolerant, and some others are allergic to nut products, etc. Their bodies tell them to stop eating those foods


7. How do I know if I'm hungry?

Find Body Freedom will help you get "intimate" with your hunger. You will learn to identify your hunger signals - the ones that are pronounced such as a growling belly and the ones that are more subtle such as the first experience of an emptiness in your belly. Knowing these (and there are more) will help you prepare to eat so that you don't become ravenous and then overeat as a result.


8. How do I know when to stop eating?

You can't know when to stop eating if you don't know when to start! Find Body Freedom gives you concrete skills and tools to do both. You'll learn about the Hunger Scale which teaches you to assess your hunger and your satiety levels. And you'll learn other tools to modify your eating behaviors so that you are better able to identify the point of "I've had enough".


9. Is exercise a part of Find Body Freedom?

Find Body Freedom encourages you to exercise - but for health and well-being - not for weight loss. If we exercise for weight loss, the effort is short-lived. We often stop after we've lost weight. However, if we do it for health and well-being, we do it for life!


10. You talk about fuel foods. What are they?

Fuel foods are ones that give our bodies and brains energy. For example, assess how your body feels after eating a doughnut when you are hungry compared to a piece of whole grain toast with peanut butter. Lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, good fats, and fruits and vegetables are fuel.


11. Where does dessert fit in?

Remember, there are no good foods and bad foods. Therefore, eat dessert! But not when you are hungry as desserts are by and large not fuel foods. And save some room. You don't want to stuff yourself .

Any additional questions?

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