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3 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Body

Our bodies are temples for our spirits and souls. How often are we kind to our bodies, showing them love and honor for being our true homes on earth? I would say not often enough. We should strive to be intentional in this area of our lives because it sets the tone for all other relationships around us.

Are you struggling with showing appreciation to your body? Here are three ways that will help you become intentional about self-love.

Healthy Eating

If you’re like me, I haven’t always consumed nutritious body fuel. It may have been good to me, but it wasn’t good for me. Make it a priority to eat a balanced meal with thoughtful portions. If you struggle when shopping, start with the fruits and veggies that are in season. They’re often on sale, and they will taste ripe and fresh.


Making exercise a normal part of your life doesn’t have to look like running on a treadmill or working out at a gym. Make exercise fun for you. Find a yoga class near your home, take a walk with the dog, or have a great dance session every Friday evening with your family to kick off the weekend. I love Zumba classes and take them as often as I can. Make it fun by incorporating your personality into your exercise regimen. Remember: a body in motion will stay in motion!

Pamper Yourself

When was the last time you lived in the moment during a great mani/pedi, or took a luxurious warm bubble bath with your favorite book? Take the time to show yourself love with a good pamper session! Your body will thank you!

What are some things that you do to show your body love and appreciation? Share your tips with the community to help inspire wonderful ideas!

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