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4 ways to be disorganized - in a good way

When the outside world is turbulent, we try to create small safe havens we can control. Since the pandemic started, many people organize and clean almost obsessively to have an illusion of order in this messy world. But is that a good strategy, and is mess bad?

We look up to people who have their lives figured out, never miss deadlines, keep a healthy diet, and organize their closets regularly. That is the ideal, and we feel guilty when we fall short. But what if I told you that there is no reason to beat yourself up? Spending your life trying to keep everything neat is not only affecting your mental health, it's also less productive.

Obviously, I'm not suggesting to stop cleaning altogether. All I'm saying is, do it in a way that fits your life and keeps you happy. Here are my 4 tips to keep just the right amount of order in your life. These pieces of advice can be applied to many areas, such as home organization, paperwork, but also your eating habits.

1. Create order where it matters<