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5 tips for wellbeing

Women are natural caretakers, they say. In everyday life, this often means that we make sure everybody else is taken care of, neglecting ourselves. This is dangerous, not only because we only have one life we should enjoy, but also, how much can we give if we never recharge? Try these 5 tips to be healthy and happy inside and out!

1. Follow your own path

We have more information poured on us every day than we can ever process. In this noise, it is important to calm down and look inside. Your body and your soul knows what it needs. If you follow this calling, you will walk your own path instead of following somebody else’s instructions.

2. Connect with your body

Your body is constantly giving you signals about how it is feeling. If you learn to listen, you will always know when something is off, and you can take steps to correct it before it gets too bad. Nurture this connection with regular light exercise (such as yoga or walking), and honor your body by eating intuitively.

3. Be present

Even if our minds like to hang out in the past or in the future, life is actually happening in the present moment. Do not miss it! Mindfulness is a great way of living life to the fullest. You can practice it during meditation, or by simply focusing your attention on what your senses are experiencing, whenever you can. This will ground you in the present and quiet your racing mind.

4. Connect with others