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Becoming Your Sisters Keeper

Often, women are taught to view one another as competition- in life, career, and relationships. Instead of learning the power of partnership and collaboration, we see our fellow women as a threat to the success in our own lives.

This perspective keeps us isolated from experiencing true sisterhood and increases the killer of joy—comparison.

Ladies, it’s time out for all of this. On our own, we can do well, but together, we can create powerful magic. We can change the world while giving it the nurturing love it craves. We can also discover the beauty of becoming our sisters' keeper.

It's that moment when you see your friend struggling with a problem, and you give her a listening ear. It can also be that moment when you witness your fellow colleague shatter yet another layer of glass to the corporate glass ceiling.

Let’s stop seeing each other as competitors and discover the magic within our unity.

I challenge each of you to do something small, yet special for a woman that’s not in your close circle. This could include covering her cup of coffee, leaving a kind note on the public bathroom mirror, or just greet her with a beautiful smile.

Together, we can impact the lives around us, one magical sisterhood at a time.

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