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Begin and End Your Day With Self-Care Rituals

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

How often do you check-in with yourself to heal recent disappointments or emotional wounds?

It’s that time your friend forgot your birthday and remembered after you reminded her.

It’s the unfortunate news that an employer decided to go with another candidate, although you put your heart into the interviewing process.

It’s a difficult conversation with a relative the ended with hurt feelings and words filled with regret.

Many times, we push through these moments without acknowledging and addressing our feelings. However, for us to move forward freely and openly receive all that this beautiful world has to offer, we must acknowledge and heal to move forward.

Here are two powerful techniques that can help you acknowledge and heal the little yet impactful moments in life that can keep us from maintaining balance and a positive outlook toward the future.

1. Create a morning routine, just for you.