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Inspiring the Next Generation

In The Triple Bind, Steven Hinshaw states, “1 in 4 experience clinical diagnoses for depression, eating disorders, cutting, and other mental/emotional disorders.”

By the age of 13, over 50% of girls are unhappy with their body image, and its rate increases with age.

These are some staggering statistics that we cannot afford to ignore.

We cannot sit around and let our young daughters and sisters battle with poor body image, but it all begins with us. Before we can impact a positive change in these saddening statistics, we must first heal the distorted views within ourselves.

The media and society tell us “how” women should act and look—but the truth resides within us. By honoring our body’s innate wisdom, we are demonstrating our lives as examples to the generations who will do as we do, not as we say.

What words do you use to describe yourself? Are they loving? Are they accepting and honorable?

Let’s model the change we desire in our young girls so that they can see the examples of positive body esteem within us.

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