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Recognizing Emotional Triggers

Have you noticed that certain songs can trigger old memories—or certain people or environments can spark something in you the brings emotion?

This isn’t by accident or coincidence. These moments are connected to emotional triggers for you. According to Psychology Today, an emotional trigger is something the sparks a response, accompanied by a feeling of discomfort. If we’re not careful, emotional triggers will have us unhappy in our present because of things that are in our past.

Here are a few examples:

Your previous partner was unfaithful. Although you moved on and you’re enjoying a happy relationship, your new partner says something that reminds you of your past experience.

In grade school, a classmate bullied you because of your weight, and now the thought of their name or the mention of specific body part takes you in a spiral of negative thinking.

Your parents didn’t realize that you were in great need of emotional support as a child and wouldn’t notice your overachievement as a need for their approval. As a result, certain situations take you down a road of people-pleasing.

These are merely a few examples, but can you think of any emotional triggers in your life? Recognizing your emotional triggers is the first step in healing these hurtful wounds. When you realize these things—you’re giving yourself a beautiful gift: self-awareness. When you become aware, you gain more control over your response.

Knowing and understanding the history of your emotional triggers is essential because they are often connected to your eating habits as well. When you’re sad, are you an over-eater—or one to lose your appetite?

Think of these things and begin to digest the patterns behind your emotional triggers. If you’re open to having support, I am here to help.

Schedule time with me, and let’s work through these things together—if you’re willing. This level of internal work is challenging to face, but also beautiful to overcome.

And YOU can conquer anything!

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