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The Two Clocks at War

We are inundated with messages about our weight, our bodies, and how we should view ourselves. The media tells us what to wear, how to eat, and an “ideal” deems women beautiful. Now is the time to change the narrative!

The earth was created with all nutrition and healing properties that our bodies crave, and our internal clocks are naturally designed to tell us when to eat. Which clock do you listen to most? Are you instructed when to eat by the clock on the wall or the clock within you?

During the Find Body Freedom program, we go in-depth on not only the acknowledgment of intuitive eating, but how to adjust your habits, to honor your internal clock instead of the clock on the wall!

Curious to learn more? Join our community on Facebook to be surrounded by like-minded women on the journey of discovering innate body wisdom.

Our community is a judgment-free zone. Come as you are!

Contact me today, and let’s discuss your personal journey to Find Body Freedom!


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