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Three ways to check on your friends

When was the last time that you checked on your friends? I know we do our casual “How are you doing” messages, but when was the last time you actually stopped to listen to the response (or what’s missing from their automatic “I’m fine, and you?”).

One of the greatest gifts in life resides in our relationships, especially friendships. A good friend is like a four-leaf clover, challenging to find and lucky to have. They celebrate the good times while supporting you through the difficult seasons of adversity so that you are never alone. Through friendship, we can experience an authentic love that encourages self-love and acceptance.

How beautiful is that?

Think of the amazing friends in your life. Your sisters through friendship. How often are you intentional about checking in on them and their well-being?

Well, here are three simple and easy ways that help you create deeper, meaningful connections with the women that you love.

Start with a text.

A true friendship connects two souls in a bond that is unified and uplifting. A small message such as “Hi Alice, I am always there for you” creates a significant impact on the receiver. This is a simple yet impactful gesture.

Should you sense hesitation or distance, don’t be afraid to request a scheduled phone date! There is nothing better than face-to-face communication, but when it’s not possible, verbal co