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Two Ways to Encourage the Younger Women in Your Life

Did you know that over 80% of 10-year-old girls worry about being fat?! Instead of enjoying their childhoods, preparing for middle school, and spending time with friends--- they experience body image issues.

How does this happen?

It’s time we help our young girls, and we speak life and love into their hearts. Whether it’s your daughter, niece, cousin, or daughter of a friend, we can make a difference in their lives by helping them to learn the beauty of loving their bodies early.

1. Speak Affirmations

Words are extremely powerful. Our words can build or tear down the next generation. Become intentional with the words you speak to the younger women in your life. Speak to them in the way you would have wanted someone to talk to you at their age. Remind your special girl that she’s beautiful, without the help of makeup.

2. Teach Affirmations

It’s one thing to speak affirmations, but how can you transfer the power of words into beliefs? Action. Teach the young women in your life the power of affirmations through actions. Ways to transform your affirmations include:

  • Writing them down and reading them daily.

  • Record yourself speaking your positive affirmations on your phone and make it your daily alarm sound.

  • Write your affirmations on your bathroom mirror, so you see them every day.

Combining the words with action creates power, and this concept applies to the words we speak to ourselves and the next generation.

Let us all become intentional with our words and behavior.

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