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Women's Rights and Body Freedom Today

This July, we celebrate the 173rd anniversary of the birth of the Women's Rights Movement! In 1848, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott spearheaded the first women's rights convention in American History. Over 300 women gathered to challenge perceptions, laws, and popular culture regarding women's rights, bodies, and minds. These trailblazers demanded greater personal freedom for women.

Where Society Stands Today on Body Freedom

Despite their incredible work and the many 'wins' over the decades, we as women still face a myriad of inequality, discrimination, and societal pressure, especially regarding our physical appearance.

Although we have seen significant change and an increased acceptance of different body shapes and sizes, women and girls worldwide are still pressured by the media and society to look a certain way. The 'ideal' appearance is either a very slender supermodel appea