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Your Body is Your Master Teacher

When it comes to women and our bodies, we’ve been taught that they have to look and behave a certain way. Society tells us what’s too fat, too skinny, appropriate, or not. All of these unsolicited rules leave many of us full of doubt, comparison, and unworthiness.

If I may, I want to ask you a question.

Do you trust yourself?...

Do you trust your body?

Since birth, our bodies are designed to give us all we need to survive (and thrive). Babies do not fight the urge to eat, so when did we begin to believe that our natural hunger signals are incorrect?

Our bodies speak to us about food and hunger, but not with words. This is very similar to our women’s intuition. Internally, a woman’s spiritual wisdom guides or warns her when things to the natural eye seem a little off. Innate body wisdom can do the same thing when it comes to guiding our eating habits.

Through our innate wisdom, we discover that our bodies guide us on many things spiritual and physical, including hunger.

If you’re thinking of the questions above, and you realize that you would like to learn more about listening to your master teacher (which is your body), I would love to connect with you.

The Find Body Freedom Programs are designed with you in mind! If you thrive in a group setting or prefer a one-on-one approach, there is an option that fits your lifestyle.

Schedule your free consultation, and it would be an honor to help you Find Body Freedom through practical teachings that help you discover your innate wisdom.

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