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Your Inner Voice and Your Health - Learning to Listen

Through Find Body Freedom, we learn that our bodies have their own innate wisdom. Deep down, we already know what is good for us, and what isn’t. Intuition, and this innate wisdom, is your built-in superpower! It is the ability to know or understand something immediately, without reason.

You know your body: you live there! When something doesn’t feel right health-wise, or we get the feeling that something is a little off, we’re often so quick to dismiss it, especially in today’s high pressured and fast paced world. Sometimes, that little voice whispers something to us that we simply can’t ignore. These quiet voices, feelings or hunches are your instincts trying to tell you something.

Here are 3 ways to listen to your inner voice, and improve your health…

1. Don’t let your busy mind take over!

When our intuition tries to tell us something, or guide us in the right direction, it’s often a fleeting moment. When this happens, pay attention! Stop, breathe into it, and think on the knowledge or wisdom you have just given yourself. If we take a moment to acknowledge our inner voice, we practice strengthening it.

2. Listen to your body, and emotions.

It may be slight headache, a feeling of fatigue, anxiety, or a digestive problem. Your body’s innate wisdom does not always present as a ‘little voice’. Sometimes your body will tell you things through a feeling or an emotion. Listening to these cues will also strengthen your intuition! It is our built in guidance system showing us how to care for ourselves and our bodies. Take note!

3. Journal, journal, journal.

Taking the time to write down your thoughts and feelings can be an incredibly cathartic experience. Journaling is a way of expressing yourself without fear of judgment or criticism. With these barriers down, it gives your inner voice the opportunity to shine! Without editing anything, or judging yourself for anything that comes out, spend some time writing down anything and everything that comes to mind. Often, our first instinctive thought about something is our innate intuition telling us what’s up! Don’t ignore it: write it down!

When it comes to your health, this innate intuition can act as an ‘early warning system’ or an inner guidance system, if we just learn to listen to it! Strengthening this superpower is like strengthening a muscle - it takes practice and repetition. If we learn to really pay attention to that inner voice, our bodies will tell us what they need!

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