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Meet Ilene

Entrepreneur, #1 Best-Selling author, mom and motivational speaker

Hi, I’m Ilene!

When I first designed Find Body Freedom (formally known as BodySense), my goal was to provide women, like me, with a unique program that would set them on the path toward finding freedom from their own personal struggles with body image, weight, and relationship with food. Using your innate body wisdom and the philosophy of intuitive eating, I am proud to present Find Body Freedom as an individualized program that will teach you to appreciate your body, fuel it appropriately, and take good care of it.


Let’s discover your innate body wisdom now!

For twenty-five years, I practiced as a clinical social worker in both New York and Massachusetts. I worked primarily with women who were struggling with issues similar to mine, and who believed, as I naively did, that if they would change their bodies they could change their lives. They came to me with feelings of depression, anxiety, and relationship challenges. They came to me with unresolved past and present traumas. And they hoped that if they could change their bodies, all of these things would magically disappear or at least become less significant. They were wrong - and so was I!


What does change our lives, and it changed mine, is a belief in the body's innate wisdom, a commitment to self-care, and a shift from transforming the size of our bodies, to a focus on health and well-being. 


As a life coach, I believe I can help you. And yes, you can love the body you're in!

I'm here to help you learn  to love (okay, like) your body, to eat with joy, while pursuing your passion and purpose.

Ilene Leshinsky, MSW

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