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That women struggle with how they feel about their bodies, and as a result, how they feel about themselves is an understatement. And Ilene Leshinsky knows this only too well. Growing up a “fat girl” in the 1950’s, she was reminded daily about the size of her body and about how much she ate. Ilene battled with her fluctuating body size for the first half of her life, with swings from highly restrictive eating to compulsive overeating. At the heart of Reflections of a Fat Girl is that child, teen, and young woman, who taught herself to honor her body and to love herself.


From 2008 to 2016, Ilene Leshinsky, therapist, teacher, founder of Find Body Freedom, and former fat girl, chronicled the lives of women in a monthly column for “Jill Magazine.”  Full of wit and wisdom, and tremendous respect, Reflections of a Fat Girl is a compilation of her articles that explores the complexity of women, their multiple roles, careers, relationships, life stages, and the cultural container in which they live.

Now, these articles are compiled and organized into a valuable resource to help you begin or continue on your journey to Find Body Freedom! 

ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY, and be inspired to beginning (or continuing) your journey of innate body wisdom!

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