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Beginning the Decade with You in Mind

As women, how often do we put ourselves and our needs to the side for the betterment of our loved ones? More often than many of us care to admit. What if we told you that it's not only a bad habit, but it’s also detrimental to our loved ones and ourselves?

Lately, self-care seems to be a trend rather than a reminder of the importance of personal wellness. We’re glad that people are talking about it, but let’s discuss a few reasons why we should put it into action.

Our self-care sets the tone for how we give to others.

If you had a full glass of water at the beginning of the day and poured water into other glasses throughout your day without refilling your glass—you would eventually run out of water. Our bodies are no different. It’s more obvious to understand this on a physical level because our bodies use food as fuel. However, what about the spiritual side of our human experience? Don’t neglect your spiritual happiness.

You are worthy of being a priority.

Are you a fan of to-do lists, or do you prefer mental notes to track priorities throughout your day? When was the last time you scheduled a personal time for yourself on the calendar? Can you recall the previous personal investment you made into your physical or mental health? Add yourself to the list this week. If you’re tight with time, commit to one hour of something that you love. Whether it’s Zumba, meditation, or watching your favorite movie, carve out time for YOU.

Also, we hope you consider our newly released program, Find Body Freedom On Demand, as a personal investment! An On Demand program will give you access to our Find Body Freedom Founder, Ilene Leshinsky, according to your schedule, as you need it!


Schedule a consultation today to learn more!

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