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Listening to Your Inner Voice

Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a swift decision, and heard a still, small voice give you insight on the choice you should make? Are you one that’s quick to listen to your inner voice, or do you kick yourself afterward for not listening? We often hear it, overlook it, then declare “something told me!”

That “something” is your inner voice. It’s the guiding compass within you. It’s there to help you through life’s decisions. It will warn you if there’s danger ahead and confirm when you’re on the right path. It is also the same voice that helps you understand your innate body wisdom. It’s your God-given intuition.

If you’re someone who often recalls your internal voice after neglecting to listen, here are two things that will help you not only recognize your inner voice but begin to heed its wisdom.

Take a moment to spend time with you.

So many of us give to others—our family, husbands, children, and friends—and we forget to replenish all that we give. Add yourself to your priority list and discover the beauty of spending time by yourself. During this time, you will learn the internal voice that’s unique to you.

Stop, listen, pause, and react.

We’re all so busy we’re missing the moments of stillness. Make a conscious effort to stop, listen, and pause before you react. This is called The Power of Pause. It’s delayed gratification that will slow down your reaction while giving you time to make the best decision for that moment. Your inner voice is soft, yet mighty! She honors your decisions and will speak softly in those moments where her wisdom can bring you great joy or protection.

Share your thoughts on this! Are you practicing self-love? How are implementing The Power of Pause in your life?

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